Property Abbreviations - What does it all stand For?

Property abbreviations - Know more wondering what things stand for. We have attempted to put together the most comprehensive list of property abbreviations on the Internet, so you won't have to guess at what things mean ever again.

You might also want to check out our Property Glossary, for even more words and meanings that are used in the property field. As well as for a more detailed explanation of what some of the abbreviations below mean.

So from now on there is no more wondering things like, what does it all standard for, what is the definition of apt, what does it all mean or even what is the meaning of pw? Nope, no more confusion, we have all the answers to your property abbreviations questions here.

If you notice a word from our property abbreviations list we are missing then please let us know via our contact us page. That way we can continually keep this page up to date.

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APR = Annual Percentage Rate

APT = Apartment

ARLA = Association of Residential Letting Agents

ASA = Advertising Standards Authority

AST = Assured Shorthold Tenancy (agreement)

AT = Assured Tenancy (agreement)

BACS = Bank Automated Clearing System

BC = Borough Council

BI = Buildings Insurance

BMV = Below Market Value

BOE = Bank Of England

BR (B/R) = Bedroom

BTL = Buy To Let

BTS = Buy To Sell

BS = Building Society

CAGR = Compound Annual Growth Rate

CC = County Council

CCJ = County Court Judgement

CGT = Capital Gains Tax

CH = Central Heating

COCR = Cash On Cash Return.

CPO = Compulsory Purchase Order

CT = Council Tax

DD = Due Diligence

DEC = Decorated

DEP REQ = Deposit required

DG = Double Glazing

DIP = Decision in Principle

DPC = Damp Proof Course

DPM = Damp Proof Membrane

DTI = Department of Trade and Industry

DW (D/W) = Dishwasher

EA = Estate Agent (check out our buying from estate agents page)

EPC = EPC (click on the following link for more info: energy performance certificate.)

ERRP = Estimated Rapid Resale Price (Also see definition just below)

ERRP = Estimated Restricted Realisation Price / Expected Rapid Realisation Price (Also see just above definition)

EXCL = Excluding Bills

EDMO = Empty Dwelling Management Orders

EOT = End of Terrace

FSA = Financial Services Authority

FF (F/F) = Fully Fitted / Fully Furnished

FH (F/H) = Freehold

FURN = Furnished

FSS = Full Structural Survey

FTB = First Time Buyer

GCH = Gas Central Heating

GDN = Garden

GF (G/F) = Ground Floor

GDV = Gross Development Value

GR = Gross Return

HA = Housing Authority

HB = Housing Benefit

HHSRS = Housing Health and Safety Rating System

HIP / HIPS = Home Information Packs (click on the following link: home information pack for more info)

HMO = House in Multiple Occupation

HPI = House Price Index

INCL = Including Bills

IO = Interest Only (mortgage)

IHT = inheritance tax (Inheritance tax)

IR = Inland Revenue

IRR = Internal Rate Retention / Internal Rate of Return

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JOB = Just Over Broke (This is a tongue and cheek abbreviation used in property circles).

JV = Joint Venture

LA = Local Authority

LH (L/H) = leasehold

LHA = Local Housing Authority

LTB = Let To Buy

LTV = Loan To Value

MF (M/F) = Male / Female

MW (M/W) = Microwave

NAEA = National Association of Estate Agents

NALS = National Association of Letting agents

NI = National Insurance

NPV = Net Present Value

NMD = No Money Down (click on the following link: no money down property for more info.)

NS (N/S) = Non-smoking / Non-smoker

NASARB = National Association Sale and Rent Back

ODPM = Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

OFT = Office of Fair Trading

OMV = Open Market Value

OO = Owner Occupier

OPM = Other Peoples Money

OSP = Off Street Parking

PA = Per Annum

PCM = Per Calendar Month

PROBAS = Property Buyers Association

PI = Professional Indemnity (insurance)

P&L = Profit & Loss

PP = Planning Permission

PP = Purchase Price

PPR = Principle Private Residence

PRR = Private Residence Relief (check out our private residence relief page for an in-depth explanation)

PW = Per Week

QS = Quantity Surveyor

REFS REQ = References required

RI = Rental Income

RICS = Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

R&M = Repair and Maintenance

ROCE = Return on Capital Employed

ROE = Return On Equity

ROI = Return On Investment

RPI = Retail Price Index

RR = Rent Review

RT = Regulated Tenancy (agreement)

SARB = Sale and Rent Back (have a look at our sale and rent back page for more details.

SD = Stamp Duty

SDLT = Stamp Duty Land Tax

SRB = Sale and Rent Back (the same as SARB)

SSTC = Sold Subject To Contract

STC = Subject To Contract

STR = Sell To Rent

TBA = To Be Agreed

TDS's = Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s

UF (U/F) = Unfurnished

WM (W/M) = Washing Machine

WD (W/D) = Washer Dryer

WFLRS (W/FLRS) = Wooden Floors

YOY = Year on Year

With the Property Glossary page and this property abbreviations page - you should be well on your way to understanding all the terms you are likely to hear in property investing.

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